Aqua_Smart (For Upper middle class)

Aqua_Smart (For Professional)

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It is a maintenance support app for aquariums that breed tropical fish.
Supports maintenance of up to 10 aquariums.
We support the timing of filter replacement and the timing of water replacement.
We also support the judgment of the quality of the water quality measurement result.

Items that can be managed are as follows.

  • Filter maintenance :
    – completion date and time
    – elapsed days
    – 1st alarm threshold
    – 2nd alarm threshold
  • Water exchange : same as “Filter maintenance”
  • PH :
    – Measurement date and time
    – measured value
    – lower limit
    – upper limit
  • TDS :
    – Measurement date and time
    – measurement value
    – 1st alarm threshold
    – 2nd alarm threshold
  • NH3 : same as “TDS”
  • HNO2: same as “TDS”
  • HNO3: same as “TDS”
  • Launch : same as “Filter maintenance”
  • Reserve 1-3 :
    – Date and time
    – elapsed days
    – memo 1
    – memo 2

V1.0.3 : Added the following functions
-Elapsed days management item (with memo) x3
-Aquarium volume calculation function
-Salt bath salt calculation function
-Medical bath dose calculation function

V1.0.3 added functions

!!! Note !!!
The numerical values ​​(timing, reference value for pass / fail judgment) immediately after installing the application are tentative values.
At the start of operation, change the setting to an appropriate value according to the species or individual to be raised.