Guitar Silhouette Calendar : details

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Guitar Silhouette Calendar Lite

Lite version is Free!

This is a modern tear off calendar in a smart phone.
  Tear off every day ,  by tapping a button on a screen.
  It’s tiresome but the action is very effective for your memory.
  Moreover powerful guitar sound and animation boost it.

Link to short animation(Japanese version)

※ only while portrait mode , proximity sensor works as “Tear off button”

New operation added !  :  You can tear off by tapping the “date”.


Monday to Sunday silhouettes (White mode / Black mode)


version difference


1 tap go&back function between suite App “Fuwari Clock


V1_0_32 : Added day the week display mode (Premium Ver Only)

sample of 7 days
how to change those modes

V1_0_41 : Support for 6 languages (Premium Ver Only)

Can be changed in the language setting of iOS


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