We introduce you our smart applications.

  Fuwari Clock  (FREE!)

  This is the most simple Analog and Digital hybrid clock with one time notification.
  “Fuwari” is a Japanese adjective , similar to “floating”.

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  Guitar Silhouette Calendar (Lite ver FREE!)

  This is a modern tear off calendar in a smart phone.
  Tear off every day ,  by tapping a button on a screen.
  It’s tiresome but the action is very effective for your memory.
  Moreover powerful guitar sound and animation boost it.

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  AmariZan Dentaku

  This is an educational calculator for elementary students.
  Especially it shows the process of division , which contains decimal point shifting.
  “Amari” means remainders , “Zan” means calculation , “Dentaku” means calculator in Japanese.

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  Otoku Nenpi (Free!)

  This is a support tool for new car selection.
  When you select a new car , it is important that good answer depends on your annual distance and use period.
  This app supports you to solve it.

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