Flower Email

”Flower Email”

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This is one new variation of “TearOffCalendar with e-Mail”.
The features are shown below.

  • You can tear off digital calendar everyday with classical music and flower animation.
  • At the same time , you can send an “I’m fine” e-mail up to 5 persons.
  • Their e-mail addresses are presettable. Your nickname and greeting phrase are presettable too.
  • E-mail body is filled by these presets automatically. So you don’t have to edit every day. Only you have to do is tap two buttons.
  • E-mail will send to multiple persons individually using BCC address mechanism , for their privacy.
  • The same flower image as the animation will be attached to the email.
  • This app has no linkage with “Contacts” app for your privacy.
  • Calendar images are the same as “FlowerCalendar”
  • No tickets required to send e-mails.

Sample video is here!
Turn on the sound and enjoy.

How to use

e-mail sample

flower variation